Products Under Developing

Prothioconazole TC (Under Developing)

Systemic fungicide with protective, curative, eradicative and long-lasting activity. Lots of field trial result show that Prothioconazole is safe to crop, compare with triazole fungicide, it has broad spectrum activity.

Application Crops:
Wheat, Barley, Canola, Peanut, Rice, Beans etc.

Controlling spectrum:
For control of diseases such as eyespot, Fusarium ear blight, leaf blotch diseases, rust and powdery mildew, in wheat, barley and other crops, soil-borne disease in canola and peanut, leaf disease such as: gray mold, blank sport, brown leaf spot, black shank, sclerotinia rot and rust etc.

Prothioconazole TC (Under Developing)

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